Trying New Things//Katie Scheib//Apartment Light

I have days when my creativity is on fire & others where I feel stuck. If you're a fellow artist, I'm sure you can relate. It's always good (and important) to get out of your comfort zone & try new things to get those creative juices flowing sometimes. After coming home from the Photo Native conference in January, I was so inspired to get out there, grow and try new things so I set up a shoot with my awesome model friend, Katie. We hung out in my apartment for hours and I tried everything from harsh light & shadows to throwing baby powder in the air and using my drinking glasses as prisms. By the time we were done, we were starving but both felt so excited for all that we had created. 

I feel so proud of this set. There's a couple of photos that might be the best I've ever taken so far. Take a look through and I hope that someone out there is inspired and encouraged to get out there and take the time to try some photo things they've never done before!  

Big thanks to Katie for being incredible. <3