Nate & Kate: Engagement//Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Kate is so, so special to me. We are related (haha) so I guess that is part of it but I also consider her a very close friend. We've grown up together, lived together, and shared really fun and even not-so-fun memories together. I would never trade anything for going through life with this wonderful person. Kate is one of the kindest, most gentle hearted people I know. She doesn't judge and is willing to have deep and meaningful conversations. I always feel like I can talk to her about anything. When I met Nathan, I liked him right away (well sort of, I was still convinced no one was good enough for Kate haha). As I got to know him though, I found that Nathan is an amazing guy and treats Kate so well. I couldn't imagine a better match. 
I was so honored and excited to take their engagement photos and I can not wait for their wedding (although I'm a bridesmaid, not the photographer! Yay!)! Congratulations Kate & Nate, you guys are the best!