Columbia River Anniversary Session at Golden Hour

Whenever I get asked to photograph a fellow photographer, my brain tends to panic. I think in any profession, it would be hard not to overthink it when you’re performing in front of a talented peer and with Laura I wanted to be my absolute best. Laura & Devon are a mega-talented wedding photography duo and so when she asked me to photograph her anniversary session I, of course, played it cool but was immediately nervous.

We planned for photos on the Columbia River at the Gorge and at Cave B Winery (SUCH A GORGEOUS LOCATION) and we had the most beautiful light. I didn’t know Laura & Devon very well at that time but they were the sweetest couple and totally rocked it. We ended our session with the golden sunset going behind the desert hills and then parted ways so they could grab a bite to eat.

Fast forward to now and Laura is a very close friend who I know well and this session is a fun reminder of how we first met and became friends. I’m so thankful for this wonderful business that brings along the best of people and I’m glad pushed through my nervousness. Scroll down below to see my favs from their session!