Jessica & Lieven: Home Session//Usk, Washington

Jessica and Lieven are adventurers. They love to travel, explore and be outside. They recently took a trip to South Africa and one of their favorite memories was watching the sunset surrounded by elephants (what the heck, that's the dream right?!)! But when these two aren't out and about, they are snuggled up in their tiny house being goofy and just enjoying each other. 

I drove up to their little home next to the Pend Oreille River a few weeks ago and was super excited to spend some time with them because I hadn't seen Jessica since high school. It was awesome to be around her and Lieven after all these years and see what they were like as a couple. One of my favorite things that Lieven mentioned about Jessica was “I love that she cares about everything and everyone. And that we can spend so much time together without getting sick of each other.” It's always so great to see couples who are still so crazy about each other even after being together for over 8 years!
I'm really excited to share these photos since this shoot was my very first in home session. Thanks Jessica & Lieven for spending the day with me and letting me document your beautiful love! Hope you enjoy the photos.