Dakota & Rochelle: Wedding//Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

This wedding is one that is dear to my heart. I met Rochelle in Kona, Hawaii and our friendship sparked when I found out she was a part of a canoe racing group. We started going together and then I joined her in other activities like yoga and Zumba. We would ride in the car together singing, dancing and of course talking about boys. Boys were always a hot topic between us and Rochelle has always been a well liked person so there was always a lot to talk over. When she met Dakota though, things were different. Rochelle’s face lit up and there was a contentment that hadn’t been there before. I already could tell their relationship was special. 
I wasn’t surprised when they started dating and couldn’t hold back my excitement when they got engaged. I about peed my pants when she asked me to be her photographer and was so pumped that she wanted me. I flew to Kona, got to join in on the bachelorette party and witness a dear friend say “I do” to her long-awaited love. 
Rochelle & Dakota’s wedding exuded their fun personalities all day. The chose to wait to see each other until the ceremony, Rochelle wore her mother’s wedding veil from 1985, and it was very important to them that all their loved ones were there. There were tears, laughter, hugs, and LOTS of dancing. There were even hula hoops involved! 
Thanks Dakota & Rochelle for having me as your photographer and I wish you two the very best in your marriage and life together!!