Brian & Becky: Engagement//Bowl & Pitcher Park, Spokane WA

   It was raining on the day of Brian and Becky’s engagement shoot. When I called to see if they wanted to reschedule they just replied, "YOLO" and off we went (haha). We ran and laughed as we explored Bowl and Pitcher Park until the sun gave out on us. I love that these two weren't going to let a little rain get in their way of having some fun.

   Brian & Becky are just meant to be. He teaches her to play fantasy game cards, they love going to concerts and spending time with friends and family. Although, at the end of the day, their favorite thing to do is just be together and chat over wine or beer. Even after 6 years of being together, all they want is more of each other.

     Becky shared a ridiculously sweet story about the fist time they said “I love you” and this is what she said: “Before we were 'official' he would call me just to talk. We would talk for hours getting to know each other and he would ask how my days went. I knew for sure I loved him when he left to visit his parents in England. It was the first time we spent time apart and I wanted to tell him I loved him every night after talking with him. The first night he got back, he told me he loved me!! We just held each other in silence. Knowing that we were something extremely special.”

     And now, Brian and Becky will be getting married in October! I can not wait to see what the future holds for this awesome couple!