Unique & Eclectic Elopement on Hog Lake

The plan was to go camping, have all their loved ones surrounding them, playing games (including an axe throwing contest) and dine on an extravagant charcuterie display. Then the Washington fires happened. Hannah & Ben did everything they could to save their celebration but in the end, they had to cancel so their guests wouldn’t be subjected to the toxic smoky air.

After cancelling most of their wedding plans, they emailed me and decided they still wanted to do photos (yay!) so we packed up and they got into their wedding outfits and we headed for Hog Lake which wasn’t too smoky but just enough to give us a weird/cool haze. We adventured around, we danced, we had fun with smoke bombs and it was a blast.

We headed back into town and went over to the airbnb Ben & Hannah were staying at. It happened to be the Benny & Joon house where the movie was filmed. We made grilled cheeses with an iron just like in the movie which was probably the best part of the day.

I couldn’t believe what amazing people Ben & Hannah are. They had to cancel their wedding celebration and even though they were disappointed, their spirits were high and they stayed so positive! I loved how they made the most of the situation with plans to drink all their wedding champagne with friends who still flew in to be with them.

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of something so special Hannah & Ben! So glad you chose me as your photographer.