Baby Sprague

I don't do maternity sessions very often but for a dear friend, I'm down. Rebekah and I go way back and we've done a lot of life together. From many hangouts to lifeguarding together to documenting her engagement and now her first baby! Wow, how fast does life go?! Rebekah is one of the kindest, goofiest, and most joyous people I know. Plus, she's got a pair of eyes and a set of teeth that will captivate you and make you think, "I MUST get to know her."  Which you must, because she is THE BEST.

 I am beyond excited for Rebekah and her husband, Joey, to take this precious next step in their life together. I can't wait to meet their little man and watch him grow under the best parents ever. Enjoy these awesome photos we got under a stormy sky at Tubbs Hill in Coeur d'Alene!   

Hannah Johnson

Spokane, Washington