Ryan & Kari

The story with this wedding is a funny one. Ryan and I were the best of friends in high school. So much so, we told each other that when we eventually got married, we'd be each other's best man/woman (hahaha). Well, it's been 7 years since we graduated (whaaaaat?!) and we just so happened to both get married within a month of each other this year. How wild is that? What's more is that after Ben and I got married, we ended up in the same apartment building as Ryan & Kari (totally not on purpose) and now we're neighbors! It's pretty funny how things can work out. So anyways, on September 12th, Ryan married Kari, who is the sweetest girl alive. Instead of being Ryan's best "woman," I got the awesome position of "wedding photographer" which was just as good or better in my mind. It's like you get a backstage pass to the event and a VIP access to hang out with your friend on one of the most important days of his life. A giant thanks to them for having me photograph their hit of a wedding. Seriously, check out the awesome dance photos, they'll make you so sad you weren't there.